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UK Salary Tax Calculator

Compute your take-home pay and determine the precise amount of tax and national insurance owed to HMRC according to your income. Our UK Salary Tax Calculator offers advanced features such as student loans, pension contributions, bonuses, company cars, dividends, Scottish tax, and more.

UK Tax Calculator

UK Tax Calculator

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How to use our Tax Calculator

To calculate your salary, simply enter your gross income in the box below the “GROSS INCOME” heading, select your income period (default is set to yearly), and press the “Calculate” button.

Student Loans

If you have a student loan, select the right student loan plan from the “Calculator options” section, and it will be included in our calculations.

You can select one or multiple student loan plans at once, and you can even add the postrgaduate loan to be considered in our calculations.

Pension Contributions

Our calculator allows you to add your pension contributions. The types supported by our calculator are Auto-enrollment, Personal, Salary Sacrifice, and Employer.


If you have a yearly bonus payment, you can also add that to your annual salary, and we’ll include it in the calculations.

If you are receiving monthly bonuses, simply add them together to come up with the yearly figure.

Tax Codes

Our system supports all widely used tax codes, such as L codes, BR codes, M codes, and D0, D1, NT, 0T, K, N, and S codes.

As a default, the tax code for the latest financial year (2023/2024) is L1257.

If you know your tax code simply add it in our options, and we’ll adjust your personal allowance accordingly.

National Insurance Exemptions

If you are excempt from paying National Insurance, please tick the box in our calculator options, and we’ll generate the results based on no National Insurance deductions from your gross pay.

Dividend Income

If you are a company director and would like to calculate the tax you would need to pay on your dividends, alongside your salary, please add your yearly dividend income in the “Dividend income” field, and our tax calculator will accurately estimate your net take home, for both dividends, and your salary. We also have a dedicated dividends calculator page where you can have more detailed explanations and insights on your dividends.

Other Options

Please add your taxable benefits in the options section if you have taxable benefits from your employer, such as company car, travelling expenses from your home to work, childcare expenses paid by your employer, fuel, or other job related benefits.

You can also let us know if you are eligible for the Blind Person’s Allowance, and we’ll calculate your income accordingly.

If you are doing overtime, you can also add that into our calculator. You’ll need to make sure that your overtime is not stated in your yearly gross income, as we’ll calculate your bonus as extra revenue on top of your gross income.

We also have an option to include the Married Couple’s Allowance – if you are married, and one of you have been born before the 6th of April 1935, you can tick the “I am married and one of us was born before 6th April 1935” option and we’ll adjust our tax calculations accordingly.

Our calculator also allows options such as salary sacrifice, pre and post-tax deductionscountry selection, and different tax years selection for your salary.